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What is Heroin?

Heroin (also known as black tar, brown sugar, dope, chiba, hell dust, skag) is a synthetic opiate drug that is highly addictive. It only takes a few hits to become addicted. An addict has to take heroin multiple times a day because the effects of withdrawal. Eventually, this can have fatal consequences.

Get Help for Heroin Addiction

Many users of heroin describe it as one of the most addictive substances they have ever tried, and users have a difficult time trying to quit this drug on their own. If you or someone you love is battling a heroin addiction, please call our helpline today at 855-315-4777. Contact Us Our admissions coordinators are standing by to help you find the best recovery options for your specific needs.

Important Things to Consider

How Alcohol Interacts with Heroin

Combining substances like alcohol and heroin is dangerous, especially when we do not fully understand how they interact with each other. Heroin is an opioid painkiller that is...

Initiating a Discussion on Drug Abuse

It is emotionally difficult to find out that a loved one abuses drugs, especially hard drugs like heroin, because this substance can lead to many long-standing physical and mental...

Lasting Financial Effects of Heroin Abuse

Heroin abuse takes its toll on users physically, emotionally and even financially. Buying enough heroin to feed a drug addiction can be expensive. Combined with fact that heroin...

Is It Bad to Mix Heroin with Other Drugs?

Currently heroin is making a troubling comeback in the US. With the street price of prescription narcotics spiking, suddenly this once marginalized drug is becoming more and more...

4 Surprising Facts About Heroin Addiction

Through the media, we often see stereotypes of people who struggle with addiction. On the one hand, addicts are sometimes represented as hollow-cheeked, malnourished people who...

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