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How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Heroin Abuse?

How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Heroin Abuse?One of the most emotionally excruciating things a parent can endure is watching an adult child struggle with addiction to a drug like heroin. Chemical dependence is a confusing and terrifying disease to observe, and mothers are often left heartbroken, wondering what they can do to help their children break free. The following is a list of specific things every parent of an addict should consider.

Educate Yourself

One of the first things every concerned mom should do is to educate herself on the true facts concerning heroin addiction and recovery. Many people do not understand the nature of the disease and inadvertently enable their children to continue in their addictions. Support groups and family classes are excellent resources for moms in this way.

Take Advantage of Counseling and Coaching for Yourself

Moms have a distinct and powerful urge to help their children but in order to be the best possible source of support these women should take advantage of counseling themselves. The following are just a few of the ways moms benefit from this type of specialized counseling:

  • Learning improved communication skills
  • Identifying and correcting family patterns of codependent behavior
  • Learning to prevent themselves from accidentally enabling the addiction to continue
  • Finding healthy and confidential opportunities to express their emotions
  • Developing detailed plans for confronting their children’s diseases

Confront Your Child with Unconditional Love Expressed Through Healthy Boundaries

Every concerned mother longs to express her support but many do not know how. In many cases, true unconditional love requires moms to do difficult things. While it may not feel like it at the time, setting boundaries about drug use, enforcing consequences and insisting on treatment is often the best way to show the addict that he or she is truly loved. This may involve cutting a child off financially or kicking him or her out of the house if he or she continues to use drugs. These choices can be extremely difficult and gut-wrenching, but allowing your child to use you as a safety net might be keeping him from truly hitting rock bottom. For many people, it is only when they reach that low point that they begin to earnestly seek help.

We Can Help You Find Help for Your Child

Our toll-free helpline is open all day and night to help moms find heroin addiction and recovery answers for their children. You’re not in this alone. Call right now and our admissions coordinators can help you get immediate access to the best programs for your specific needs. We can even help you prepare to confront your child in a loving but firm and effective way. Don’t wait another sleepless night. Watch this heroin addiction video, then call us now.