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Heroin Treatment FAQ

Heroin is a drug that is derived from morphine, an opiate. Heroin can be used as an analgesic (painkiller) but is illegal in the United States. It is primarily a recreational drug because of its euphoric and transcendent effects. Like all opioids, heroin can cause tolerance, dependence, and addiction. Heroin abuse is a growing problem in the United States despite it not being legal.

What to Ask Before Checking into Heroin Rehabilitation

Like most heroin addicts, you are probably consumed with whether or not you should check into rehab. Part of you wants to stop the heroin addiction and another part of you doesn’t. Questions surround the rehab process. Questions like costs, program options, and family involvement are important.

What will heroin rehab cost?
One of the most common questions and concerns about rehab is the cost involved. Many heroin addicts have a hard time coming up with the money for rehab, because most of their income has been going toward feeding an addiction. There are many factors that go into figuring out the costs. Facilities charge according to the service and treatment programs available. The best way to figure out the costs of rehab is to call the treatment facility. If they are helpful, then they will be glad to even talk with your insurance company to see how much they are willing to cover. Some addicts will even seek the help of family, friends, and loved ones.

What heroin addiction treatment programs are best?
There are many ways to treat heroin addiction. Some rehab centers will treat the patient with other medications that help block the effects of heroin to the brain. These drugs act as a replacement for heroin until the user has completely withdrawn from it. Other programs include behavioral therapy, which is a program that helps the patient mentally withdraw from heroin. It works by reinforcing the desire to quit. Regardless of the treatment program, it is important to make sure that they offer some sort of psychological withdrawal because the mental addiction is just as strong as the physical.

Who is involved in heroin addiction treatment?
Most recovering users want to know if they can have family and friends involved. This is a great question and is very important. Family and friends can be involved as much as you want them to be. The more involved they are, the more likely you are to succeed. They can be there to support you during detox and sometimes should be involved during counseling. Family is also a great accountability after detox. Knowing about your addiction and the source of the heroin is important for friends and family in order to keep you from going back to the source.

These are just a few of the common topics that addicts inquire about. Calling a drug helpline is completely confidential and a counselor can answer all of your questions. It is always a good idea to know what you are stepping into beforehand. The more knowledge you have, the more prepared you are.

Are You Struggling with Heroin Addiction?

If you or someone you know has a heroin addiction then please call us today. Our counselors want to help answer your questions and get you on the path to recovery. The call is always free and completely confidential. We are standing by 24 hours and will help you figure costs and even talk with your insurance company about coverage options. Don’t do this alone. Call us today.