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Heroin Relapse

Heroin has strong opiate properties that cause a user to crave the drug. Heroin addiction in particular is one of the strongest, and it has a high relapse rate compared to other narcotic addictions. Once a user has been through detox and treatment, there is still a possibility of relapse when dealing with heroin. Knowing how to avoid it is crucial to ensure that the addiction is thoroughly broken. watch this heroin addiction video.

How to Avoid Heroin Relapse

In order to avoid a heroin relapse, having the proper support systems in place to keep a user accountable will help when the urge to use surfaces or becomes stronger. A recovering addict may need to process through emotions differently, change living environments, switch friends, experience new activities and look at the triggers in the past that drove him or her to abuse drugs. Here are some more thorough explanations of how to do this:

  • Emotions and feelings need to be handled day-to-day as they happen. Pressure, stress and frustration have a way of building on each other. When this happens, issues with friends, family, work, etc. are put off, and stress relief is sought through unhealthy ways, like heroin abuse. However, dealing with these feelings by using coping techniques and talking through the issues can resolve some of the tension and enable you to live better.
  • Keeping an orderly balance to life helps to prevent stress. Keeping relaxation as part of life will help sustain the balance between work and your personal life. Creating context for fun without heroin is key. Finding new ways to celebrate and reward yourself can be challenging, but it can be done. Writing out a daily schedule can help you with routine, and it can be good to fill that schedule with a variety of activities.
  • Reconcile relationships with loved ones by gaining support and trust. Feeling the liberty to talk about the pressures you are feeling will aid in the process of recovery. Those who are concerned and have your well-being in mind can watch for the warning signs of drug relapse and help you handle the stress. When others remind you of your goals and plans in the recovery process, it will encourage you to stay with it.
  • High-risk situations are likely to arise. Therefore, identify what they are and plan ahead for them. Situations and familiar environments from your past can cause you to feel the urge to use again. If you know about these potential situations ahead of time, they can be handled more easily. At least three ways to handle them will help set you up for success. If one doesn’t work, two more are in place. This way, you won’t give up. Practicing what you will do or say will help you not worry about what to do under pressure. This ensures that you can stay confident and in control.

Heroin Relapse Help

If you are experiencing a heroin relapse and need heroin detox rehab, we can help. Please call our toll free number today. We are available 24 hours a day to get you back on track for recovery. If you need information about heroin addiction and options for recovery, we can answer your questions and direct you to treatment professionals who want to partner with you on the road to a drug-free life

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